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Subcontractor Access

This section is for subcontractors and vendors that have been invited to submit pricing to Trinity Contracting for a specific project. If you have not been invited to bid a project as a subcontractor or vendor, you are hereby requested to leave this section of our Web site.

You must agree to the following terms and conditions before proceeding further:

  • The USERNAME and PASSWORD provided to you are for your use only. You are not permitted to share these.
  • You shall find all drawings, specifications, bid forms, etc. as required to provide pricing for each specific project.
  • By accessing the project documents from the FTP site/Web site, Trinity expects that all project documents shall be reviewed prior to submitting a bid. Any clarifications or exclusions must be made prior to submitting pricing or clearly delineated in your bid.
  • Your e-mailed Request for Proposal will include a complete list of the project documents. Please review the list and make us aware of any omissions.

I agree to the above terms and conditions and wish to login.

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