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Trinity Contracting has excelled in the arena of Design/Build Contracting by taking a hands-on approach with all of the Design/Build contracts we have been awarded. We can accomplish this by using our in-house engineers and draftsmen to take an owner's concept and put it onto paper for financial, local, and state review. At Trinity, we have a collection of civil engineers and architects that we work with exclusively to review and provide professional approval for the drawings prepared by Trinity. For the mechanical and electrical systems, we have a network of subcontractors and system designers to design and provide professional seals for those portions of the project.

Design/Build Contracting affords many advantages to an owner versus a standard "Plan and Spec" contract:
  • Singular Responsibility – A single contract allows Trinity alone to be contracted with the owner for the design and construction, thereby allowing the owner to focus on the project and not onto placing responsibility and coordinating between a designer and builder.
  • Quality – Being that Trinity is responsible for the design and construction of the project, Trinity must provide quality documents to build from and must perform the work to satisfy the owner's requirements set forth in the contract.
  • Cost Savings – Our designers and engineers work with our field staff to provide the most economical and practical means in order to meet the owners requirements.
  • Time Savings – By allowing Trinity to perform the design and construction we can begin the steps necessary for construction long before the final construction documents are finished.
  • Improved Risk Management – Because Trinity is responsible for the design of the project and completion of the project per the design, the amount of issues associated with errors and omissions is eliminated.

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Design/Build photo

Fedex Ground - Clarksburg, WV.
Design/Build photo

Premium Molding - Latrobe, PA.
Design/Build photo

FM Weitzen Co. - Arnold, PA.

Design/Build photo

Fedex Ground - New Stanton, PA.
Design/Build photo

Premium Molding - Latrobe, PA.
Design/Build photo

Airo Die Casting - Latrobe, PA.

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